Mashima ranks 3rd in the 44kg class National boy and girl wrestling

Two players from the Mizuzu Club won the national boys and girls selection wrestling tournament [individual match, February 22, 23, Shodosawa Gymnasium, Itabashi Ward, Tokyo].

The fourth grade of female fourth grader, 28-kilometre class real name Soten [Kanade, Maki Kita Elementary School] is runner-up. In response to the expectations of his club's father, Manager Eiji [44], he won his first national prize. Yoshika Majima [Koharu, Kameda East Elementary School 4th year] of the same 44 km class is in third place. He proved top-level ability in third place following the National Boys and Girls Championship last summer. Both aim to win the National Boys and Girls Championship [May 15-17, Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center].

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Majima, who ranks third in the +44 kilometer class, said, "I was in good shape. At the same time, he immediately changed his mind, saying, "I will be stronger and do my best in the championships."

However, the real name manager admits that his ability is up, saying "It's OK to win." Majima also found a theme for the future, "I will be able to attack from fast tackle." He was eager to return the bronze collector.

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