Mask circumstances in Nairobi, Kenya / There are a lot of "mask sellers" on the street! Camba Communication: 8th

jumbo~!―― I'm a taxi driver, Chaos, who lives in Nairobi, Kenya!! The world is still Corona. Kenya is of course not over yet, or Japan is a must-see.

So this time, the other dayLuke of the Masai tribe repoed the mask situation in Kimana, a rural town in KenyaSo IMask situation in the capital NairobiI'm thinking of delivering. The difference between Kimana and Nairobi is that…

There are a lot of "mask sellers" on the streetIs that true?

If you've come to Kenya, you probably know, but there are various "sellers" on the streets of Kenya. They sell water, juice, vegetables, fruits, and so on.

Then"Mask selling" is now increasing in Moretsu.Anyway, various masks are on sale. There are various shapes and colors, and even Kenyan color masks are sold.

By the way, the price of the mask depends on the type,About 100 Kenyan shillings [about 102 yen].As you can see from the picture, I wear various masks. It's not a chin mask, but it's a perfect fit. The consciousness of wearing a mask may be higher than Kimana. Then mulberry helicopter!

Report:Chaos [Kamba tribe]

Super Translation/Illustration:GO Hatori

Photo: RocketNews24.

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