Mate Xs actual machine review-the second full-featured folding smartphone

Huawei will hold a new product launch in Barcelona, ​​Spain on the 24th [local time], and a new product of folding smartphone "HUAWEI Mate Xs”And 5G-compatible tablet“HUAWEI MatePad ProAnd so on. Since the touch & try of the new product was held locally, here is the impression of Mate Xs.

  • The Huawei recital will be held at the Italian Pavilion, the event venue in Barcelona. This is the venue where Huawei makes annual announcements at the MWC, a communications-related exhibition. MWC 2020 was canceled, but only Huawei held a presentation in the field [/ embed]

First of all, we explain with video from here

Spread 8 inches, appearance is almost the same as the previous model

Mate Xs is a collapsible smartphone announced last year.HUAWEI Mate X]Is a successor model. Mate X is a folding smartphone that can be used as a smartphone with a 6.6-inch OLED when closed, and as an 8-inch tablet when opened. SamsungGalaxy FoldAt the same time, Fold, which folds the display inside, and Mate X, which folds the display outside, showed a difference in their thinking.

  • Mate Xs. When folded, it's not a strange size to say a normal smartphone

  • When opened, it becomes an 8-inch tablet

Mate Xs is a type that folds with the display outside as before. It folds slightly to the left, not in the middle of the screen, so the main display is 6.6 inches and the second display on the back is 6.38 inches. When opened, it is 8 inches and adopts OLED as before.

  • The folding direction is mountain fold. The display is on the outside. As there is no display on the back like Galaxy Fold, the body is thinner

For the folding smartphone, Samsung has announced the vertical folding Galaxy Z Flip, but Huawei is a product that strengthened the conventional model. The shape remains the same and the folding mechanism is the same. The body size does not change at all.

  • Only the part with the USB Type-C terminal is swollen, and the folded display fits neatly. As a result, the structure does not become too thick even when folded

  • Here is the folded state

  • Power button integrated fingerprint sensor on the side

  • A camera is mounted on the back

When you press the button on the back of the main unit in the folded state, the folding is released by the spring, and if you open it manually from there, it will be in tablet mode with a mechanical feeling of a click. When opened, you can use it as a flat tablet with almost no creases on the screen.

  • Press the button on the back [the button with the red line] to open the display halfway. It looks like a one touch open button, but eventually you need to open it manually

  • Even when opened, no creases are visible on the fold, making it a flat tablet

Launch two apps simultaneously in a "window"

As a function, it is equipped with a multi-window function that starts two applications simultaneously. Swipe in from the left and right edges of the screen to launch the app launcher, and press an app shortcut to launch the app as a window. Press and hold to split the screen and start. Because it is an 8-inch tablet, sufficient screen area is secured even if two apps are started at the same time, making it practical. The third app can be launched as a window.

  • High visibility with 8 inch large screen

  • Apps can be launched simultaneously as windows

  • Display two apps side by side. It's a smartphone-sized window display, so it's easy to use

  • How to split the app, you can also change the size

Data can be exchanged between each application by drag and drop, and the divided area can be changed. Simultaneous launching of apps on Android 10 base makes multi-windowing more convenient.

Inherit quad camera in collaboration with Leica

The camera is equipped with a quad camera in cooperation with the German Leica camera as before. The main camera is a 40MP camera with an F1.8 wide-angle lens. It also has a 16MP ultra-wide-angle camera, 8MP telephoto camera, and a ToF camera that measures distance.

If you switch to selfie mode with the camera folded, the second display on the camera will be the viewfinder screen and you will be able to take selfies with this main camera.

  • There are four cameras on the back. One is a ToF camera for distance measurement. This time as well, in cooperation with the prestigious camera manufacturer Leica, it will be equipped with "VARIO SUMMILUX-H 1: 1.8-2.4 / 17-80 ASPH."

  • Because it can be folded, it is also possible to shoot independently

  • The camera can be used in both smartphone mode [left] and tablet mode [right]. It changes to a UI suitable for each

Basically, this second display starts as a camera viewfinder, but if you press the home button from here, it will be the home screen, so you can operate the second display as it is as an ordinary smartphone [however, the display area is smaller than the main display] It doesn't seem to make much sense.]

  • When you touch the selfie button, an instruction to rotate the main body is displayed, and when you turn the camera toward yourself, the second display automatically turns on and functions as a viewfinder

  • You can check the shot image as it is. An icon to switch to the main display is displayed at the bottom, and if you touch here, an instruction to rotate the main unit again is displayed

  • If you press the home button at the bottom, you will return to the home screen as it is, so you can use it as an ordinary smartphone. However, since the screen area is small, it will not be very meaningful

No Google services, apps from their own store

There isn't much difference from Mate X, so it's not surprising. It can be said that it is a model with improved perfection. However, since GMS [Google Mobile Service] cannot be installed, there is no Google service or Google Play, so issues remain in terms of usability as an application.

  • Since the OS is based on Android 10, the basic usability is a normal smartphone, but the application is only the company's App Gallery and there is no application that is not on Google Play. In particular, there are no essential apps such as Google services and SNS such as LINE

It seems that the performance has improved because the SoC has evolved into Kirin 990 5G with an integrated modem, compared to the Kirin 980 Mate X, which was a 5G modem for Kirin 980. There seems to be enough performance as far as I touch it.

Even when folded, it is also thin enough to work as a smartphone. As a product that can use two functions of a smartphone and a tablet, it fits in a realistic size.

However, the expensive point of 2499 euros and about 300,000 yen is a bottleneck. There is no Google service, it is a terminal that chooses people, and the price is also a terminal that chooses people considerably. It is interesting to see how Huawei covers this area.

  • Samsung introduced a vertically folded smartphone as the second of folding smartphones, but Huawei is a successor model with improved perfection

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