Matsuya's eel bowl revives with "supervision" different from last year! Even if I was reborn, I tried to see if it was "our table"

At the same time as the summer season is approaching, "Doujino Osahi Day" is approaching. This year's year 2020 will be July 21st and August 2nd. Recently, I've been seeing eel-related products in the streets, so I was wondering if that was about to happen.

And eel is the eel bowl. Matsuya has revived Unadon for a limited time since July 14. However, what is different from last year is that the Matsuya Foods Group's authentic sushi brand "Sushimatsu" is supervised.Own eel bowlThat's why! You have to confirm how this was reborn!!

・Increased menu

It was probably Matsuya's first eel bowl. Matsuya is a famous store in Kyobashi [now Tokoenji Temple], which was said to be the legendary eel restaurant last year.Unadon supervised by "Komatsu"Was sold. It is no exaggeration to say that Ajino is one of the most distinctive restaurants among chain stores, and that he has thrown a stone in a Nanchatte Una bowl.

However, as I mentioned earlier, this year is my own. Will it have any effect? Unadon is sold at Matsuya nationwide except some stores. The main menu lineup is as follows.

Una bowl 850 yen [with miso soup, mini incense, and sausage pouch] Unadon double 1390 yen [with miso soup, mini incense, sausage pouch] Eel combo beef rice 990 yen [with miso soup, mini incense, sausage] Unatoro Beef Plate Set 1100 yen [with miso soup, mini incense, tororo, soft-boiled egg, small beef bowl, small sausage bag] Unatoro Beef Plate Set 1640 yen [with miso soup, mini incense, tororo, soft-boiled egg, small beef bowl, small sausage bag] *All tax included

Unadon 850 yen — What should be noticed since last year20 yen upI think it is the point. Perhaps it was related to consumption tax, but if the price is rising, I would like it to be honestly delicious. By the way, this year, "Unatoro Beef Plate Gozen" is newly introduced. I didn't greedy and combine them into one bowl, but I adopted a separate eating style.

・How did it change from last year?

Now let's eat. It came out in 30 seconds last year, but this year an eel bowl was served in about 1 minute. Either way, it's still fast, and the speed here is typical of chain stores!

At first glance there is almost no change…Feels like, The incense has been removed soberly. Well, is this around the permissible range? After all, the main role of eel bowl is eel. You can even turn it all over if you like it. Even so…

After all, the eel that you see up close is good.You can see the savory appearance of the sauce forever. It seems that the amount will be double or triple, but it is not so good. First of all, try to eat while biting happiness…

Not inferior to last year.As the fluffy eel spreads in your mouth, it's Heaven. It doesn't look like a specialty store, but the taste that I couldn't think of as a chain store continued.

Just like last year, the eels are double circles without bubbling. Also, as I proceeded to eat the rice, the sauce was also soaked in the taste, and I was able to eat comfortably until the very end.

Perhaps the most dreadful thing for Matsuya was that the taste was lost when I gave it my personal opinion.However, Matsuya wants to be our dining table.I felt that I was able to utilize this year's know-how and connect it to this year.

・A large serving of rice is free during the sales period

During the sales period, Rice Daisen is a free service, so if you want to eat tightly, we recommend that. If you are a type of person who can eat rice with sauce, don't hesitate to go. As an aside, the price of eel bowl double and eel combo beef sushi is left unchanged, so please refer to it.

Reference link:Matsuya HP

Report:Takashi Harada

Photo: RocketNews24.

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