Matsuya's "Eggplant and bamboo shoot mapo beef mess" is no longer a supremacy, but at a good level! However, limited to 1 prefecture and 3 prefectures

From June 30, 2020, Matsuya, a beef bowl chainA total of 6 new products limited to regionsStarted selling.Official TwitterAs far as I can see, the six kinds are "Morning chicken creamy curry", "Mabo tofu bowl", "Eggplant and bamboo shoot mapo combo beef rice", "Tuna bowl", "Kim gyu beef rice", and "Thick chicken butter chicken curry".

The official Twitter image is a hint as to which product is sold in which area. Of these 6 types, we found "mabo combo beef rice with eggplant and bamboo shoots" at a store in Saitama prefecture. I just ate it… this isA new hegemony menu is bornYou may say that you did.

・Regional limited

Of the 6 new products, some have their menus posted on the official website. If you look at the list of stores that handle it, you can find out which areas and stores are sold. For example, "mabou combo beef rice with eggplant and bamboo shoots" is in Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa. In other words, it would be sold only in these 1 prefecture and 3 prefectures.

As for the price, the average price is 650 yen including tax and the large price is 710 yen including tax. It seems that Matsuya belongs to the category of relatively high unit price, but if you eat it, the price should be all right. Matsuya's menus are all promised to be stable and delicious, but this timeThe degree of perfection is unusual..


First is eggplant. Speaking of eggplant, it has a light taste, abundant water content, and a sponge-like structure, but all of these elements are well utilized. On its own, the mapo that has a slightly thicker seasoning is soaked in the aubergine, and when you chew it, the water content of the aubergine gives a nice feeling.Ooze out..

The taste of eggplant is well preserved,Soft but moderate textureMaintain. Since soft-boiled eggs are put in from the beginning, the overall taste is mild as it is. However, where the carved pepper mixed in at a good ratio should be tightenedTightens tightly.. And crispy bamboo shoots.

It's good that it's filled with beef, so it's satisfying to eat. Quality that is not a versatile feeling both offensive and defensive. I was crazy about the taste and bought another set on the spot to take home.

Somehow I took it after dinner on the 30thI made all three meals "Mabo combo beef with eggplant and bamboo shoots"However, he is more satisfied than ever before, both physically and mentally. Personally, I'm even ready to give Matsuya the highest evaluation in the history of merchandise I've ever eaten.

・Regularization hope

The only major drawback is that it is not nationwide. Actually eating is the best way to know the deliciousness of food, but the current situation seems to be a tragedy as it seems that it is offered only in 1 prefecture and 3 prefectures on the official HP.

It's an endlessly brown visual that doesn't look like anything, and it doesn't feel curious like "Shukumeruri", and it doesn't have a catchy name like "Goro Chiki". HoweverDeliciousness is realIt is! If you live in the service area, you should give priority to anything to eat. No, really.

Reference source:Matsuya, Twitter @matsuya_foods

Report:Egawa equipment

Photo: RocketNews24.

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