Matt Damon's eldest daughter corona infection also recovered

American actor Matt Damon [49] revealed that his eldest daughter, a college student living in New York, was recovering after being infected with the new coronavirus.

Damon stayed in Ireland to film Ridley Scott's new film, The Last Duel, but with a wife and three daughters from March as the country was locked down in a pandemic. It remains in a city near Dublin, the capital city. Damon, who appeared on a local radio program, said, "My oldest daughter, who attends college in New York, got infected with the new Corona along with her roommate, but the symptoms were mild and they both recovered."

The eldest daughter Alexia [20] is a child born between his wife Luciana, who married in 2005, and her ex-husband, and among them, Isabella-chan [13], Zia-chan [11], and Stella-chan [9]. I have three daughters. Everyone except Alexia now lives together in Ireland, and Damon was often witnessed by locals walking and fishing locally. "On the contrary, I feel sorry. We are all well. We are planning to return to Los Angeles to meet our eldest daughter at the end of this month," he said. [Los Angeles = Kanako Chitose]

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