Maximum speed of 350km! Lamborghini announces new model

Automobili Lamborghini has announced the Cyan Roadster, a hybrid super sports car.

The Bull Uranus is used for the one released, but it is completely customized with colors and customs according to the owner's taste, in collaboration with Centro Steele and Ad Persona. Lamborghini uses Oro Electrum (electric gold), which Lamborghini imagined to be EV. The interior is matched to the body color, and the combination of white and white details of the bull glow and the Oro Electrum aluminum air vents create an elegant atmosphere. The new design air vent produced by 3D printing can be customized with the owner's initials.

Cyan Roadster design

The Cyan Roadster has a futuristic design of the coupe on the front, while the open-air cabin combines the pureness of a true Roadster. From above, a line reminiscent of the original periscope of the original Countach runs diagonally from the cockpit to the rear, reaching the air streamer behind the driver and passenger. The bold and powerful rear is woven everywhere with Lamborghini's hexagonal design, including six tail lights inspired by the Countach. The rear wing, which forms part of the contour, floats up only while driving, further enhancing performance.

The 6.5-liter V12 engine is combined with the world's first supercapacitor, which boasts 10 times the capacity of a lithium-ion battery, and a hybrid system of a 48V electric motor, producing a maximum output of 819hp. The acceleration of 1-100km/h is 2.9 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 350km/h. The electric motor with an output of 34hp built into the gearbox can support low speed operation such as back and parking with electric power.

"Cyan Roadster is packed with Lamborghini's DNA. It embodies not only breathtaking design and advanced performance, but also future technology. Cyan's revolutionary innovation," said Automobili Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali. The hybrid powertrain will lead the future direction of Lamborghini's super sports cars, and the open-top Cyan Roadster will meet Lamborghini's desire to pursue the ultimate lifestyle in the era when EVs are sought. I argue again."

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