MAX's NANA gives birth to the first child boy. Husband is a choreographer.

MAX's NANA [43] has announced on its official blog on the 3rd that it has given birth to its first son at the end of last year.

NANA has updated his blog with the title "Report" and has reported that "I am reporting that I had a healthy boy at the end of last year, though it is private." Both mother and child are healthy and said, "I'm really happy and welcome to the new year and I'm excited and excited about the new life in the future. Thank you very much for all of you who helped me. I hope you'll keep watching me warmly in the future." Spelled.

NANA married choreographer CHINO in May 2016. Last September, she announced her first child pregnancy. An event that appeared in the same month suggests that the goal is to make the feelings brighter with the goal set for the 25th anniversary of MAX this May.

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