May Fujisawa "close to defeat" mixed doubles not three consecutive victories

In the finals, May Fujisawa [28] and Takeshi Yamaguchi [35] lost 4-7 to Chiaki Matsumura [27] and Yasuma Yata [25], failing to win the third straight victory.

The first end had a good start by scoring two points, but the fourth end following one point, Fujisawa scored "my mistake" and the shot was not decided but only one point. The fifth end of the half-time was conceded with two runs. This year's tournament, which has won two consecutive victories as a candidate for the championship, was a match for the Japan National Team of the World Championship [April, Canada] involving participation in the Beijing Olympics in 2010. Fujisawa said, "[Matsumura / Yata] was just very impressed and impressed. It was almost completely defeated. I would like to study more mixed doubles strategies."

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