Mazda, Honda, Nissan, survive it? (2) Wonders”Toyota sales down 1%・operating income down 1%”

・Toyota :sales fell 1.0% ・ operating profit 1.0% decrease
・Mazda :sales 3.8% decrease ・ operating income 47. 0% down
・Honda :net sales 6.0 percent and operating income 12. 8% reduction
・Nissan (F): Net Sales 13. 0% decrease ・ operating income 83. 0% down

【Previous】Mazda, Honda, Nissan, survive it? (1) 【Introduction】misunderstanding can read not

5 on 16 June,forecast including been announced that the 2020 3-month period(to 2019 4 month~2020 Years 3 months)financial results of the numbers meant, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, compared with Toyota’s sales decrease, but operating profit was down not. That is,[netsalesdecreasedandoperatingincomedecreasedbythedifferencebetweentheskyandtheattention

Generalities as”operating income margin of 5 percent”of manufacturing to the sales of 1% to the sales decrease of the absolute amount of operating income in absolute terms is the”calculation 1/5″in a 20%decrease. Among them variable costs(material costs, etc.) is 50%, if 10%of the operating income decreased to us. That is, the model by for example,sales decrease and operating income to cover above.

However, this is management of the market volatility and not stable. Therefore, variable costs as soon as possible, lower the fixed costs seems to be part of net sales decreased to bring it down to you only. It is the”TNGA”the aim of the Lord can do.

Find Toyota San deficits tumble,”Toyota Kanban”is crumbling about you and notice. In addition, Mazda’s”Sky active・system”have been preceded also realized that the shock couldn’t hide would be. VW and”Renault・Nissan・Mitsubishi”of 3 company Alliance production number out, even many”build it and say”this is not and confidence that shows the current situation envisages the internal Kaizen is committed to visit.

2-wheel sector, sales of Honda in sales is 6%, but was not, despite the operating income to 12. 8% decrease and 2-fold lower as. Nissan also state of crisis and look like. This difference in the figures is a”business model”to understand the management of which is whether or not that represents.

“Financial knowledge by not realize the numbers are not”of the top from the site of governance and how the whole of the image]is not of him. This drawback is a few years ago, manufacturing quality problems occur,the companies of the”quality control”mentality to strongly show that. That is,”facilities update and manual reduction, and education”from Anti to I have not. “The head of the organization”and the cold as long as there is some seen.

Thus usually the case,sales will fall and income falls, the rate and, if operating income is significantly below that. Mazda sales 3. 8% decrease in operating income by 47% also dropped by. Mazda,too, this be in the rate table is already exact not the state would.

However, Toyota is”sales to lower or the same as the lower width within operating income of lower the width to fit for the”attention point. “Toyota sales down 1%・operating income decrease of 1%”the wonders of you. This is the”expense to sales performance to suit the fluctuations can be”, and【supplier for a huge company-wide system(without a capital relationship the supplier and including)]in the”TNGA””the ability a glimpse of”would have.

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