Mazda Sky Active X lurch,goals cannot be Mazda’s future on the dark clouds

Mazda’s premium brand challenging to think, don’t leave yet. “Sky Active X engine”is planned to demonstrate the performance of the you not.

【Here】The Mazda 3 is the Mazda CX-30 more attractive? SKYACTIV-X engine the strength to untangle(1/2)

The Mazda 3 comes with the expected”X”engine, but the Japanese specifications of the Active X engine-powered vehicles are 2. 0L gasoline engine-powered vehicles as compared to the maximum output of 14%, and fuel economy(WLTC mode) of 10% increase only. From the high octane specifications, the price is also about 70 million yen higher. This is favorable as the mind also and not. The goal of 3 percent to achieve no……..

Mazda and features of the 2nd medium-term business advancing the reform. In this, the new Mazda 3 starts from the CX-30 and continue,all of the models in the new era by switching to plan. Its purpose is a premium brand prices for discount need not deal with, but the new technology of the user is premium and not recognized it seems.

North America of Mazda sales network, a discount sales going to the dealer to avoid the dealer a number of other, less currently,sales have suffered. Dealer to increase the”product appeal”with a little, but not much of the technology and the user is not admit of.

Ride and maneuverability, and safety, such as improving Mazda’s new structure to the experts is high, the user is without the discount bought the most recognized the value of it is not.

Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz and other manufacturers are discounting do not require, it is the high technical level lined. Mazda is such a high level of technology available to the developing in all, it is the consumer that is a user can decide,lengthy and time consuming course of.

But on the other hand, Subaru discounts and sales, high profit margin is ensured. The seller is important,”and a list called the”core users organizing a sale to help with that. This user is a voluntarily run organization,Subaru cars use it in the main big works and looks, each model is not.

The user working on the unit, the salesman speaks more than convincing for sure. Also, as a failure at the time, it is very reassuring to pay. The domestic even in a shrinking market to expand again as a way of also promising. I study recommend. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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