"MAZDA3" and "MAZDA CX-30" won the "Auto Color Award 2019" Grand Prix

The judging committee of "Auto Color Awards 2019" hosted by Japan Fashion Color Association [JAFCA] was held at Tokyo International Exchange Plaza Plaza Heisei on December 19th. The exterior color "polymetal gray metallic" used in the "MAZDA3" and "MAZDA CX-30", "MAZDA3" is "burgundy" and "MAZDA CX-30" is "navy blue / greige" interior color. That combination won the Grand Prix.
This Grand Prix is ​​the award given to the best color design overall, and this is the third time that Mazda has won this award since the 2016 Mazda Roadster RF.

The exterior color "Polymetal Gray Metallic" expresses a new texture created with the image of "the fusion of resin's unique slimy feeling and metallic feeling". "MAZDA3" expresses "exotic modern sport that emits the appeal of adults" in combination with the emotional reddish "burgundy". The "CX-30" expresses a "cool and modern world with a sense of openness" along with interior colors that combine high-quality navy blue and bright gray.

Mazda will continue to realize new color expressions based on the idea that color is also part of modeling.

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