MBS to distribute 2 works including drama starring Nozomi Sasaki overseas

MBS [Kita Ward, Osaka City] collaborated with the Japan Foundation on two dramas of Nozomi Sasaki [32] starring "Dora Girl!" Announced to deliver overseas. "Dowa-" will deliver the Russian version in Russia, and "Woman-" will deliver the Spanish version in Mexico.

Due to the rapid increase in video needs due to the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus, we will deliver Japanese video content to overseas viewers.

YouTube is used for distribution. In addition to videos of both dramas, the purpose of the project will be posted in each language on the newly opened official channel of the station. Anyone living in both countries can watch it for free.

Both dramas have been provided to local TV stations free of charge through overseas diplomatic missions in Japan and overseas offices of the Japan Foundation. While the movement of people and things is restricted due to the influence of corona, video content will be distributed directly from Japan.

Mexico and Russia are very popular and impressed with Japanese images, and in Mexico, information is expected to be sent from local TV critics and influencers such as YouTuber.

"Dowa-" was broadcast in 2010. Sasaki was trained by his father, who runs a dojo, to play sumo, but played Mitsu Wakabayashi, who aims to seal the past and become a top-notch model. "Woman" was broadcast in 2015 and 2016. Kuchijitani played the role of Megumi Kambayashi, a freelance writer who began to rush to get married for the 30th birthday of his five years without a boyfriend.

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