McDonald's "Cream Pie for Adults" released in Japan / Why English-speaking Internet people are crazy

From January 15, 2020, to “ adult cream pie '' released at McDonald's nationwide,There are mainly English speakers online people. There are two flavors of adult cream pie.

One is "Belgian Chocolat" and the other is "Sweet Fromage", both of which are sold at 150 yen including tax [some shops are not treated or have different prices]. At first glance, it is a new work of the familiar pie series. Why is it that this time, only this time, attracts the attention of Internet-speaking people who understand English? The reason is……

・ When translated into English

Because it ’s a little bit horny

I will explain in detail.

If you use English for "adult cream pie"

Adult → Adult

Cream → Cream

Pie → Pie

Adult Cream Pie

Up to here is easy. And at this point, I don't think there is any element that will draw your attention, at least for most Japanese. Why translate it into English? It is like.

However, for English speakers, the appearance is slightly different. Well … from here onwards,The content of the lower story system that went a little furtherIt becomes. For those who just want to enjoy an "adult cream pie", it can be unpleasant.Please proceed only if you can understand that area. Because I open a space so that it does n’t get into my eyes unintentionally.

OK then …?

In fact, Cream Pie has a different meaning from food cream pie, as a so-called sexual slang. that is

Semen flowing from female genitalia


Semen flowing from the anus on the inserted side

Well,You know?You understand, right? By the way, exactly Craempie without space. However, in this case, there is no difference of about one space. Rather, the last Adult is extraAccelerate the image to that sideThat's why.

Especially in Japan, the words "adult" and "adult" are often used when referring to sexual content. "Adult toys" and "adult videos". Some English-speaking Internet people are familiar with the usage of such words in Japan.

There is also a sharing of knowledge from such a direction, and "Adult Creampie" is a good news item for Internet-speaking people who understand English. They have a feeling that "Japanese Mac's Adult Cream Pie is awesome!" Well, even in Japanese, such as Okinawa's Manko.

・ Cream pie for adults

Finally, I would like to change the topic and eat "adult cream pie". Both of the two are offered in a sloppy, crisp but soft overall surface.

According to McDonald's official website, the fabric of "Belgian Chocolat" is kneaded with cocoa powder, and contains plenty of Belgian chocolate as the brand name. If you break it, it will flow out with a trolley. The taste is quite rich. The adult mind is filled.

And for "Sweet Fromage", cream cheese seems to be kneaded into the dough. Inside is sweet cheese cream and cheese. If you break it, it will also flow out with a trolley. The taste is slightly salty but sweet, and the scent is good. The adult mind is filled.

"Adult cream pie" is good. I personally like it. How about everyone on this machine?

Source:McDonald's, Twitter @Kotaku,@MailOnline

Report:Egawa supplies

Photo: RocketNews24.

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