McDonald's suspicion of "smell" on SNS emerges / Meaningful smell move involving Sharp

In recent years, "smell" means, in texts and images, information that may lead to the identification of an affair partner, mainly by female entertainers who are in affair.Act of hiding casually and posting to SNSRefers to Acts that seem to enjoy unacceptable acts of infidelity and generally have a bad impression.

Recently popular,Alleged that McDonald's dyed such a “ smell '' moveIs emerging. What on earth is that?

・ Smell

“ Rice burger '', a topic of McDonald's new productHowever, prior to the announcement, suspicions have been raised that McDonald's was tweeting "smelling" on Twitter.

The story began with a McDonald's official tweet posted on January 25.

McDonald's"Oh, I want to eat rice."

I can't say what to do with ","I feel heavy and troublesome atmosphere. In response to this post, Sharp formula replied an image of its own rice cooker. And McDonald's replied as follows.

McDonald's"Mr. Sharp, the rice looks delicious, I want to eat,"

Is it because of your mind?The way of hitting "," and the fact that the hiragana characters are diverse, etc., make me feel nervous and heavy, and I feel a lot of troubleI feel. And the "rice burger" revealed today …

Sharp formula, which can be said to have been "smell" without knowing, tweeted as follows today.

sharp"Is it a tweet that smells …"

・ Response of Internet people

For this post of Sharp official who was smelling without notice

"It's burning"
"You've eaten a cup."
"Absolutely not firing"

Such a comment. In addition, Sharp's formula returned the following response to McDonald's formula that he wants to eat rice, as of the 27th, honestly recommending rice food as follows.

sharp"I don't want to be so stubborn, but sometimes I just want to eat what I like."

Basically, McDonald's official Twitter with images and campaign announcements and new product advertisements. By now, suddenly, without any publicity, "Oh, … I want to eat rice"Some intentions are hidden and naturallysomething like.

In addition, Sharp formula, which received the smell of McDonald's, also posted a post suggesting the relationship with Dom Dom Burger in exchanges in the reply column. That's it from the site for the time being.

Source: Twitter @SHARP_JP,@McDonaldsJapan

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Photo: RocketNews24.

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