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From Friday, June 26,Burger KingToSpanage! (Spicy chicken nuggets)]Is on sale from Wednesday, June 17thMcDonald'sSpicy Chicken McNuggetI tried eating and comparing.

Compare McDonald's vs Birkin's Spicy Chicken Nugget'!

June 26, 2020 (Friday) on Burger KingSpanage! (Spicy chicken nuggets)]Is available for a limited time! ≪It is a chicken nugget that uses spices such as chili powder, pepper, and paprika that are uniquely mixed, and has the characteristic of spiciness.

Speaking of spicy chicken nuggets…

Yes, from Wednesday, June 17, to McDonald'sSpicy Chicken McNugget]Has appeared for a limited time.

It's a big deal, so I ate two spicy chicken nuggets and compared them!

Both 5 pieces

Both Burger King and McDonald's have five sets of nuggets. As for the package, Burger King is a paper bag and McDonald's is a paper box.

Both come with one sauce.

Burger King can choose from "Barbecue" or "Mustard", and McDonald's can choose from the standard "Barbecue" and "Mustard", as well as limited "Black Mabo Sauce" and "Halapaño Cheese Sauce".

* It seems that many McDonald's limited sauces are no longer sold. Jalapeno was also sold out at the store I went to.

McDonald's is about 1 larger

I lined up two similar shapes.

You can see that McDonald's is about one larger.

Birkin is stronger

I actually tried eating from McDonald's. Crunchy, crispy clothes and a spicy feel. Curry is moderately spicy, so even people who are not very good at spicy foods can try it.

When I tried Burger King, it had a crispy texture. The clothes have a softness like a fritter, which is different from McDonald's. And spicy! Curry is as dry as spicy. It's harder than McDonald's. It has a strong saltiness and you can enjoy a strong taste without a sauce.

the price is?

By the way, here is the last price to worry about!

"Spacy Chicken McNugget"
200 yen (tax included)

Burger King
"Spanage! (Spicy chicken nuggets)
150 yen (tax included)

Burger King is 50 yen cheaper. Although it is a little small, this is a fairly high cospa. Since it has a strong taste, it is also ideal as a snack for sake. Spicy nuggets and highballs… definitely fit!

Both are limited time items, so it's only now if you want to enjoy spicy nuggets!! Especially at McDonald's, it seems that some stores have sold out spicy sauce, so please worry about it as soon as possible!

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