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Measures against summer dryness now! Newly released "rice and rice white beauty all-in-one gel R" to bring dry and moisturized skin with rice-derived ingredients!

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Seasonal changes such as spots, wrinkles, sagging, and dryness are the times when skin problems become serious. Now is the time to find skin care items that are gentle on the skin and full of moisture."Rice and rice white beauty all-in-one gel R"Is an all-in-one gel made from 6 types of rice-derived materials that are great for making beautiful skin. I actually tried using it to see how the dry skin changes.

Ultraviolet rays and stress surge! Let's clean with rice-derived all-in-one gel!

In the coming hot summer, the amount of sebum increases, the air conditioner cools the skin, blood circulation becomes poor, and UV damage accumulates. But it's not just reporters who say "I hate troublesome care!"

Atlas Co., Ltd.(In Kita-ku, Osaka)"American White Beauty All-in-One Gel R" (500g, suggested retail price tax-free 2,200 yen, released June 15, 2020)Is an all-in-one gel, so it's nice to have lots of lotions, beauty essences, emulsions and creams.

A skin care item created from "rice" as you can see from the bottle! This one is newly released with a large capacity of about 2 months. Recommended for those who suffer from dry damage such as stiff skin, dullness, stains and sagging due to the changing seasons!

The rice used is "all-in-one gel" developed by rice professionals with the research that only the raw materials carefully selected by the Happy Rice Grain Group, which has been awarded the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award for 50 years, have been developed. 6 kinds of ingredients derived from rice that are said to be good for the skin are condensed and luxuriously mixed.

"Rice bran oil, rice germ oil, rice fermentation liquor, phytic acid, rice bran sphingolipids, rice bran extract" fits comfortably to tired skin, and you can get moist and moist skin, so you should check this!

By the way, 6 free prescriptions that are safe for people with sensitive skin (no fragrance, no coloring, mineral oil free, paraben free, alcohol free, silicone free). I actually used it with the expectation that it could be used by not only the face but also the reporter who is liable to dry because the whole body tends to dry!

Soothing and moisturized skin! Moisture is felt only in the dry areas such as the eyes, forehead, elbows and knees!

"Yone Yone Shirami All-in-One Gel R" is a simple brown-based bottle, and it's good that you don't want to lose it even though it has a large capacity. There was a preconception that the design of large bottles was not so good, but this is a good impression because it does not disturb the atmosphere in the room even if it is on the washbasin or vanity.

As it is a pump type, it is easy to use and hygienic. Many of the all-in-one products are jar types that are scooped with fingers, so it's nice to be able to push quickly.

When I put it out in the palm of my hand, it was a white, thick and thick emulsion-like texture.

When I did it, I was able to feel the good fit to the skin, but I felt that it fits tightly to the skin and that it has high moisturizing power. It doesn't irritate thin skin, so it looks good on your skin.

It can be used on the entire face and body and is applied well to areas where dryness is a concern.

Skin care is completed with just this one, so you can quickly moisturize even if you are busy with work, housework, or childcare. Not only moisturizing at night, it's also not sticky, so it's recommended for skin care before makeup in the morning.

After about 5 to 10 minutes, the surface of the skin was dry, so you can immediately apply makeup, and the pillow covers and sheets will not become sticky! It's nice in summer that the surface of the skin is smooth, even though it is moisturized.

What I especially felt was that the next morning, the skin around the eyes and mouth became firm and firm.

Besides, the elbows and knees, which were tight due to lack of care, were keratinized and became softer by continuing to use them! It penetrates into the stratum corneum of the skin and delivers moisture, so I could feel the moisturizing effect in a dry place.

It costs 2,200 yen for 2 months if you use 4 pushes once each morning and night. You can use 2 pushes in the morning to clean your face and 4 pushes in the evening to clean your whole body.

With this effect, I think this price is a quality that you can buy and not lose.

Incorporate "rice" into your food and skin

Feel the power of rice through your skin, just as you would eat it in your daily meals.

From now on, more parts will show bare skin, so take care of your whole body and get beautiful skin! Be sure to check out the Instagram account (@komekomehakubi).

"Yone Yone Shirami All-in-One Gel R" will be on sale from June 15th at major drug stores and cosmetics shops nationwide.

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