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"Meat triple bowl" will be on sale from 10:00 on May 29th (Friday) at the kitchen and side dishes specialty stores "Kitchen Origin", "Origin Bento" and "Origin Delica".

29th limited edition "Meat Triple Bowl"

This month's "Meat Triple Bowl" will be available for "Origin Bento," a strong ally of rice cooked with rice.

The May meat triple bowl is a bowl containing 1 chicken Tatsuta, 1 pork and roasted meat (green onion salted lemon sauce), 1 menthol and 1. Origin's 29th day is meat triple bowl. We are waiting for challengers.

"We are waiting for challengersThe strong word … " It's very volumey and looks delicious! ▽ (I like to write 29 with sauce in Menchi cutlet (laugh))

・ One chicken Tatsuta
・ One serving of roasted pork (green onion salted lemon sauce)
・ Mench and one
・ Shredded cabbage

The price is 999 yen (tax included) with a lot of soup! If you can't eat at lunch once, you can use the rest for dinner. Lunch on the 29th is decided by a triple bowl of meat!

Stores: Kitchen Origin, Origin Bento, Origin Delica All Shops
Sale start date: Friday, May 29, 2020
Sale time: Business hours of each store from 10:00
* It will end as soon as the stock runs out.

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