“ Mechanica '' play review to assemble a cleaning robot production line and earn money and work for computers


“ Mechanica '' play review to assemble a cleaning robot production line and earn money and work for computers

Crowdfunding siteKickstarterA board game that became a topic by collecting more than $ 130,000 (about 14 million yen) at the target amount of $ 40,000 (about 4.4 million yen)MechanicaWas released in January 2020 as a complete Japanese version. I actually played a mechanic that enjoyed the SF-like view of the world, "I assembled and worked on a cleaning robot production line at a computer-managed factory."


◆ Contents

Mechanica's package looks like this. The number of players is set to 1-4, and the play time is set to 45-60 minutes.

Instruction manual with rules, cardboard containing coins and "Armand-0" card, 15 blueprint cards, 4 quick reference cards

Since there is a cut from the beginning, coins and cards can be removed quickly.

4 factory boards.

The shop board has a spinning mechanism.

There are four safes, and by combining a lid and a tube, it looks like a piggy bank.

And there are three types of bots that are the main players in this game. From the left, matte white that says "I will continue to suck your home floor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year"Basic botThe bright orange of the hand has been added to hold the toolPlusbot, Purple color which became even better with anti-gravity technologyDeluxe botis. If you look closely, the face is very cute. In this game, the goal is to produce and sell these bots and make a lot of money.

And the parts for assembling the production line for producing bots are panels shaped like the following jigsaw puzzle pieces.

There are four types of panels: branching, giant truck, heavy truck, and equipment. In the opened kit, all of these parts were mixed and stored in one bag, but it is necessary to sort out 4 types before starting the game.

◆ Play preparation

The feature of Mechanica is that the inner box becomes the game component as it is. Of the device panels (27), 21 are stored in the "device" and 6 are stored in the "additional". Furthermore, a coin and a bot are stored as shown in the following images.

In addition, coins and bots are a little hard to remove from the inner box, so it is recommended to prepare a separate flat plate so that the game progresses smoothly.

Branches, large trucks, and giant trucks are stored in a space with a sticker. The number written next to the name of the seal indicates the coins required to purchase one branch, large truck, or giant truck during the game. Fifteen blueprint cards are often shuffled, split into two piles, placed face down, and only the top card is turned face up.

Set up the shop board, take out one by one from the "device", and place it in the space of "5" and "7".

One factory board, one safe, one 5 coin and three coins, and one quick reference card are distributed to players. In addition, place one Basic Bot in the center of the left edge of the factory board.

The factory board is divided into three areas from the left: production area, factory area, and shipping area. A bot is produced in the production area, passes through a line built in the factory area, and reaches the shipping area, so that the bot can be shipped.

The "Armand-0" card, which indicates the position of the starting player, appears to be just a robot arm, but Armand-0 is the HR manager of this factory, and all operations in the factory are operated by Armand-0. Humans (players) work for Armand-0, get paid for it, and build a wonderful work cycle in which all the money they receive is spent on building factories for Armando-0.

The place where preparation is completed is as follows. This time I played with four people.

◆ I played with four people

First, determine the start player with a rock-paper-scissor etc., and place an “Armando-0” card between the start player and the last player to turn.

The start day starts when the start player presses the button of Armando-0, which supervises the site. The game progresses through a round of the business day start phase → player phase (counterclockwise) → business day end phase.

During the business day commencement phase, the production line of the factory is in operation. In the first business day start phase, the basic bots in the production area move to the shipping area along the production area belt conveyor.

The player phase isBot sale"Purchase of equipment"Bot manufacturing"Shop board rotation”In order.

"Sell Bot" allows you to first sell bots in the shipping area. For example, this basic phase can be sold for 2 coins per unit.

Return the sold bot to the inner box and get coins. In this game, it is important to produce more bots and sell more and more bots because the coins collected by the players directly lead to victory points.

In the next “Purchase Equipment”, you purchase equipment from the shop. The equipment panel on the shop board can be purchased by paying the number of coins written.

The purchased equipment panel will be placed in the factory area on the factory board. Arrangement is basically free, but it follows the principle of "arrange like a jigsaw puzzle piece." Also, the number written in the upper left of the equipment panel is the value of the equipment panel, and it will be a victory point at the end of the game, so purchasing the equipment panel with coins that sold bots and arranging them more and more on the factory board wins The key to

In addition, there is a panel called “Machine” located in the production area. If you do not own a production machine, it is difficult to produce a new bot.

Next, in "Bot production", bots are produced on the production machines located in the production area.

Finally, "rotate the shop board". Turn the shop board one clockwise …

Remove one card from the deck of the equipment panel and display it at 7. As the shop board is turned, the price of the equipment panel that has not been purchased will gradually decrease as the turn is turned.

The equipment panel that no one bought will eventually make one lap and fall into the "recycle" area. If the equipment panel falls into the recycling area, the player who dropped it can get the bot written in the lower right. For example, in the case of the following electrostatic load machines, you can get two plus bots and place them in your own production area.

By default, only one bot can be shipped on each production line, and in the event of a hit, the unwanted one must be discarded. However, purchasing large trucks and giant truck cards increases the number of bots that can be placed in the shipping area.

Also, bots can not only be sold, but also made into materials for new machines. For example, a slightly tickling tickling machine that gives humanity an eternal smile can get 30 coins by shipping two basic bots and two plus bots.

Return the material bot to the inner box …

Turn the blueprint card sideways and place it. The blueprint card can be used by anyone in the same round, but the blueprint card that has been used once and placed beside it will be sent to the bottom of the deck at the end of the business day phase, The blueprint card is released.

Blueprint cards give you a lot of coins instead of having the required bots specified. However, this profit is stored in the safe until the end of the game and cannot be used to purchase equipment panels.

The branch panel can be purchased any time with one coin if it is your turn. By branching the bot's belt conveyor, the belt conveyor on which the bot moves can be constructed more complicatedly.

Some equipment panels increase the number of bots or convert bots to higher ranks, and it is important to build a factory that can efficiently produce as many bots by combining branch panels. .

In a 4-player game, the round ends when all 27 "Equipment" and "Additional" cards are gone, and the panel on the shop board is gone.

When the game is over, sum up the coins in the safe, the coins on hand, and the value of the equipment panel placed in the production area to calculate the victory points. Beware that bots that could not be produced and sold have no value.

The factory of the player with the highest victory points looks like this. A complex factory that could not buy a manufacturing machine, but could ship a larger number of bots than its production while converting or adding higher ranks on equipment panels. The winning player commented, "To serve a great computer, we have to create such a complex factory."

On the other hand, the player's factory who ranked second with a slight difference, despite having few equipment panels, arranged production machines in the production area, sold more and more manufactured bots and made them into machine materials with blueprints, and the production capacity Is a factory that boasts

The last player was the last turn, so they couldn't buy enough machines and equipment panels, and because of the poor factory, their productivity was low and their victory points were quite low. In addition, one play is about 90 minutes in actual measurement. Since each player tends to consider the purchase and arrangement of equipment panels, it will take longer than the set time of 45-60 minutes.

In the expansion, an observer card that can be added to the victory points conditionally …

You can play with a more peaky and powerful inventor panel. Depending on how you use the inventor panel, it is possible to reverse the disadvantage, so it may be more exciting to introduce it when playing 4 players.

◆ I tried playing with one player

Mechanica can play alone. In the case of one player, the player and Armand-0 will be duel. Depending on the difficulty, you can insert additional coins into the Armando-0 safe, but this time start with the simplest level without inserting additional coins into the safe.

Armando-0 does not use a factory board, but changes its behavior with a coin for solo play.

The way of playing the game is the same as in 4-player play. First, after the business day start phase, proceed with the player phase.

When the players are over, Armando 0 comes in. First, flip the coin for solo play. If you turn it over and it turns yellow …

Armando-5 coins will be added to the coins on hand.

Then buy the highest panel of equipment parts on the shop board.

Armando-0 does not have a factory board, so purchased panels will be stacked beside the "Armando-0" card.

If you turn it over and it turns blue, one coin will be added to your coins…

Purchase the cheapest panel of equipment parts on the shop board. When the Armando-0 phase ends, the working day ends.

Excess type production machines are panels that produce bots on the factory board of another player at the same time as they produce themselves …

Armando-0 does not have a factory board, so coins will be added to the vault instead. The excess machine is a powerful equipment panel that can also produce deluxe bots, but a sword with a double-edged blade that increases the number of Armando-0 coins when used too much.

And more and more equipment panels will be piled up beside Armando-0. The victory point of Armando-0 is the sum of the value of the coins on hand, the vault, and the value of the stacked equipment panel multiplied by 6. Armand-0 victory points increase explosively as the equipment panels pile up.

The game ends when there are no more equipment panels available for purchase. By using a "flight tester" that can get coins while jumping over the production line to the shipping area and earning coins, build a factory that rolls out shipping & assembles blueprints while earning coins, 105 + 1 + 16 = 122 points.

On the other hand, Armando-0 was very close to 6 + 3 + 18 x 6 = 117 points, and was losing if the difficulty increased.

Mechanica is a fun game in which a lonely factory where nothing is initially placed will be enhanced as the game progresses. It is a great attraction that you can create your own factory by connecting the lines with the combo and branch of the equipment panel. In addition, the dystopian view of the world, "Following a computer that only sees humans as things" is an interesting point with black humor. Playing while laughing at the text flavor written on the panel and laughing while saying "I am a servant without computer-like obedience" and "What is human dignity to work for such an evil computer …?" Is excited and is recommended.

However, if the number of players is four, the number of tracks and branch panels may run out for some reason. Tracks and branch panels are infinite in setting, so if it disappears, it is possible to respond by placing some other item instead of a landmark, but if the amount not lost for 4 people is stored from the beginning, it was solved It is doubtful why the quantity is slightly insufficient.

In addition, since it is easily influenced by the pulling of the panel, the second turn may be forced to be disadvantageous. However, depending on the combination of the equipment panels, it is fully possible to reverse. This time I played with four people, but I felt that playing with two or three people was more comfortable.

In addition, Mechanica also supports AR, and it was said that the movement of the bot on each equipment panel could be confirmed with AR, but the operation could not be confirmed with the full Japanese version and iPhone X at hand. You can see exactly what it looks like using the AR application by looking at the following movie.

Mechanica Augmented Reality-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

Mecanica can be purchased at for 7070 yen including tax.

Amazon | Mechanica English Version | Board Games | Toys

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