Meditation online-Airbnb's new “home” experience program

Airbnb announced on April 9 that it will provide an online “experience”. Change online activities from face-to-face activities with chefs, artists, wellness and locals to provide new ways of enjoying.

Start an online experience program

Start an online experience program

B Airbnb offers cancellation option due to spread of new coronavirus infectionPreparationAnd partner with hosts to provide accommodation for 100,000 healthcare workers, medical rescue workers and rescue workers.OfferImplement support to support. On March 31, a $ 250 million host rescue fundAnnouncementAnd many other support measures.

The “ experience '' service used by users along with searching for accommodation is popular, such as “ cooking '' cooking with locals, “ animal '' where you can interact with animals, “ adventure '' where local hosts suggest destinations etc. It has a lot of contents, but is temporarily suspended due to the influence of the new coronavirus. At the moment it has announced that it will be suspended until April 30.

The online experience replaces the experience that has been used in the real world with the online experience so that it can be enjoyed at home. Over 50 in more than 30 countries, including "meditation with monks", "meeting with dogs living in Chernobyl" and "cooking classes with Moroccan families"ExperienceWill be provided in the future. I experienced meditation with one of them, a monk.

瞑 Meditation with monks is offered as a real event in Osaka Prefecture. Hosted by Kuniatsu, who has been a monk for nearly 20 years, it has already welcomed nearly 4,000 guests. Kuniatsu has been working at Shitennoji for 12 years and is now a freelance priest who does not belong to temples. The meditation experience has been available in Osaka since March 2018, with over 800 reviews and an average score of 4.97.

In the real-life experience, meditation using Osaka Castle in the early morning, Kyoto in the daytime, and candles in the evening is performed, and about 20 people are accepted each time. All conversations are in English because they are basically provided to foreign tourists, but this time the commentary was in Japanese.

Experience is about 1 hour. Meditation is to repeat the same word for about 20 minutes to produce endorphins and turn on the switch. Kuniatsu explains, "This is like Runner's High. It takes about an hour to reach Runner's High, but the same effect can be achieved in about 20 minutes by repeating the same word aloud." did.

Also, about breathing, "I am not aware, but our average daily respiratory rate is about 20,000 times. Normally we breathe naturally, but if we are not good or we experience new experiences, we can breathe quickly. At that time, if you take a deep breath, you will calm down. That's what's important. "

で は The meditation experience starts with chanting the mantra "OM BALADA HANDOH MAY UN". "When a French musician studied the response of cancer cells to sound, they found that the most effective was the human voice," Kuniatsu said, introducing the power of voice. In addition, zazen should be used to support the body with two knees and buttocks to facilitate concentration, and if you are sitting in a chair open your legs and be conscious of sitting at three points There was good advice.

マ ン The mantra, which is sung for about 20 minutes, starts at a slow pace, gradually rhythms and speeds up. It is good to keep your eyes half-eyed, and this will be like a state between Rilak and sleep. Kuniatsu added, "Most Buddha statues look at this world and the other world at the same time, so they are half-eyed."

練習 After chanting the mantra, practice breathing. It is important to concentrate on exhaling for a long time. This time, I was able to breathe in 5 minutes because of the time limit.

加 え In addition to your first meditation experience, it was online, but when you finished it, it was a refreshing impression both physically and mentally. It was an experience of connecting about 10 people online, but Mr. Kuniatsu was asked questions and I could enjoy answering and asking questions through two-way communication. On the way there was also the comfort of falling asleep.

Meditation with a Japanese monk

Meditation with a Japanese monk

オ ン ラ イ ン This online experience started with the aim of providing an opportunity for people to connect and enjoy virtual travel. In addition, Airbnb has a new initiative to help keep the host's income, and will launch a new initiative to support hosts affected by the spread of the new coronavirus.

企 画 In addition to the above, there are plans to host prominent hosts from more than 30 countries around the world, such as Olympic medalist Alistair Brownlee [Triathlon, UK] and Lauren Gibbs [Bobsleigh, USA]. Guests can spend time with one of the world's best athletes in the living room at home.

BAirbnb says that it will provide free use of Zoom to its platform and host, and plans to support the host's revenue maintenance. While the offline Airbnb experience is paused until April 30, we want to provide guests with opportunities for new challenges, to interact securely with members of the Airbnb community, and to continue doing what they like. And

Featured online experiences

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  • Introduction to Korean Beauty by TV Moderator [Seoul, Korea]
  • Let's make Chinese steamed bread [Singapore, Singapore]
  • Magic Secrets [London, UK]
  • Mysterious Coffee Fortune and Fortune Judgment [New York, NY]
  • Cocktail making to enjoy home time [Bath, UK]
  • Challenge to make authentic salsa in Mexico [Mexico, Mexico City]
  • Advanced Irish Dance Class [Galway, Ireland]
  • Meet Protected Goats Remotely [Catskill, NY]
  • Virtual cycling tour with two-time triathlon gold medalist Alistair Brownlee [Yorkshire, UK]
  • Lots of ricotta cheese making at Sonoma [Sonoma, CA]
  • Guided Meditation Experience with Sheep [Lake Lomond, UK]
  • Grandma's pasta [Rome, Italy]
  • Supreme Court Judge Coffee Lesson [Mexico City, Mexico]
  • Family baking experience [San Francisco, CA]
  • Interaction with dogs living in Chernobyl [Chernobyl, Ukraine]
  • Welcome to the Roller Skating Dance Party [Brooklyn, NY]
  • Cooking class for Moroccan families [Marrakech, Morocco]
  • Interior Design Workshop [San Francisco, CA]
  • Sketch with a New York Artist [New York, NY]
  • Swedish pastry making with a professional baker [Stockholm, Sweden]
  • Learn about the lives of Olympic bobsled players [Los Angeles, CA]

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