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Listen to TWICE and listen to TWICE's new song “ SWING '' on LINE MUSIC!

Invite 20 people to TWICE Meet & Greet

At the music streaming service “LINEMUSIC” (for iPhone and Android), it has been decided whether to carry out a LINEMUSIC original campaign to invite to TWICE Meet & Greet!

A new song "SWING" (Swing) added to JAPAN2ndALBUM "& TWICE" (Antowice), which will be distributed from today, will be selected from among users who have played LINEMUSIC more than 500 times in full, and about 20 people will be invited to TWICE Meet & Greet. .

To apply, please refer to the “Can Campaign (URL:https://ticket-st.line.me/lp/twicecp2020.html)) And press "Join Button" to listen to the target song "SWING" through LINEMUSIC.

In addition, all applicants will receive a special image that can be set on the "LINE" talk background screen.


■ Campaign name
TWICE "& TWICE" Listening to a lot, you can meet TWICE
■ Number of people
20 people
■ Application period
February 5 (Wed)-February 11 (Tue) 23:59
* A message will be sent to the winners from the LINE official account of "LINE Ticket Info" on February 17 (Mon).
■ Date
集合 Tuesday, March 3, 2020 Set time around 20:15 ※ The time may be slightly changed.
■ Location
Tokyo Dome
* Details will be sent to the winner only.
* You may want to cancel an event that is unavoidable. Please note.

Application method

1) Fly to the campaign website from the URL below and press the "Join" button on the campaign.

2) If you are not a friend with the "LINEMUSIC" official account, press the "Add friend" button below to add a "LINEMUSIC" official account as a friend.
If you aren't friends, you won't be able to receive the image even if you win.

3) LINEMUSIC more full-length playback than "SWING". * If you do not press the "Join" button, you will not be eligible. Please press the "Join" button from the campaign window. * You need to register as a member for "Full-scale playback". (Under "3-month free trial")
* Only the number of playbacks on the smartphone application is counted.
* Does anyone who is not a LINEMUSIC member apply for an application?
* This may be the status of the participating customers or if it is posted on social media.

Target songs


Line Music Popular Music Free Full Play Unlimited ・ Distributor: LINE MUSIC CORPORATION
・ DL price at the time of publication: Free
・ Category: Music
・ Capacity: 69.4 MB
・ Version: 3.14.0
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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