MEGUMI's eldest son, Shigeru Furuya, will debut in January next year

Rock band, Dragon Ashiki Kenji [40] and actress MEGUMI [38] and his eldest son, Satoshi Furuya [Furuya Nagi = 10] are the movie “Last Letter” [Director Shunji Iwai, released on January 17, next year] On the 8th, I found out that an actor would debut.

It was chosen by an audition from about 200 people. Tsuji said, “I was nervous because it was my first time to go to the movie shooting site, but it was fun because the staff were kind to me. I enjoyed the experience and feelings of the“ Last Letter ”. I want to be an actor, "he declared to be an actor.

He played the hero who played Takako Matsu and the son of a husband who played Hideaki Kanno. At first, I couldn't find a child role that fits my image, but at the moment I talked to you in an audition, I felt like a character appeared naturally. During the interview with Director Iwai, he was impressed by talking freely with no tension.

The filming was surrounded by co-stars such as Matsu, Sagano, Suzu Hirose and Nanana Mori, but according to production officials, Tsubaki was a natural body for everyone. “There was also a scene that made the director laugh at ad lib.

A total of 9 days were spent filming the kite, cranking in and out, and a couple of other days. MEGUMI visited the site for about half of the schedule and watched the kite's first performance.

○ … The first appearance of Samurai is from the scene of going to see the older sister who plays the forest, and the waterfall that plays Hirose. Apparently, it was also used for a meeting with Director Iwai, and Tsuji immediately said in a loud voice, “Takida! That's it. The film also features Masaharu Fukuyama, Ryunosuke Kamiki, and Midori Kiuchi who suddenly rushed in November. Also pay attention to the appearance of Miho Nakayama and Junji Toyokawa who appeared in Iwai's “Love Letter” [1995].

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