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Meiji “60-second Relaxation Support Project” started! Mentors DaiGo x chocolate release a video on resting techniques to increase concentration

Meiji will implement the “60-second Rest Support Project” from March 24, 2020 [Tuesday]. As workplaces and working environments are changing due to recent work style reforms, companies are faced with the need to tackle the difficult task of “short working hours and no change in productivity”, and effective breaks The voice of recommending is also increasing.

■ One minute of chocolate break may have a big impact on business

Therefore, in this project, various activities will be conducted in order to recommend a "Hit time" to have a 1 minute break while licking and eating a single milk chocolate. As part of this, a video by mentor DaiGo about how to take an effective small break using chocolate, and a video of dancing by popular elementary and junior high school student YouTuber Mupichi will be released on the same day.

In addition, a limited package that collaborated with the popular cartoonist, Earth Fish Pan-chan “Sabori Senpai” will be released on the web and on the back of the package of “Meiji Milk Chocolate” which is on sale. Not only those who work at the company but also those who can not take breaks during remote work efficiently can be referred to.

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