Memorial to Hiroshi Masuoka, voice priority of Akira Kamiya "hearty"

Voice actor Kamiya Akira [73] sent a mourning comment to voice actor Hiroshi Masuoka [83 years old], who died of rectal cancer on March 26.

Kamiya says, “Ms. Hiroshi Masuoka, I ’ve been very helpful since I was a newcomer. Not only she ’s kind, but she ’s also a very enthusiastic senior. I was impressed. I respected my seniors. "

Kamiya co-stars with Masuoka in several works. Last year, he wrote on his blog, "About 40 years ago, I often went to Masuoka's house and talked a lot." In response to this obituary, he commented, "This is the last job with the Nikkei electronic version of the CM. We wish you good luck."

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