Men's Doubles Daiyu Endo and Yudai Watanabe win, Japan's first

Daiyu Endo [33] and Yuta Watanabe [22 = Nihon Unisys], 6th in the world rankings, defeated Gideon and Skamruyo [Indonesia], 21st, 12-21 and 21-19, respectively. This event was the first Japanese champion to win. Watanabe has won his second victory since 18-year mixed doubles with Higashino.

The third game in 1-1. At the interval of 11-9, Endo asked Park to move his feet more. The fourth British Open final. Until now, both have been defeated. Although his fatigue was nearing his peak in the fifth consecutive game, he was inspired by coach Geki. In the 13-9 scene, he repeatedly picked up the opponent's bangs, and on the last chance Watanabe smashed and won 57 fierce rallies. The symbolic play of the two badminton players helped to win a loud cheer for the victory.

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