Mercedes-Benz buses that Santas with gifts will want to ride?

One old Mercedes-Benz advertising photo shows a lot of Santa riding a van with the Mercedes-Benz emblem. The setting seems to be the Arctic, is it to express that it can carry more people than reindeer? In the 1950s, they often created visual ads using buses and vans.

The van was one of the O319s. At the 1955 IAA, Daimler-Benz AG announced the O319 as one of the L319's minibuses. The following year, you could choose between 10 and 18 seaters. This is because it can be used for various purposes such as transportation and tours. The 10-seater was a luxury specification.

O319 was also manufactured in Mannheim until the production line was moved to Sindelfingen in 1962. When the minibus was announced, it quickly became popular and continued to influence the Mercedes-Benz bus series. As for the engine lineup, there are two versions of a 46ps diesel engine and a 74ps gasoline engine.

Probably, it was a car that was so comfortable that even Santas with a lot of luggage would want to ride.

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