Messenger Aihara returned to work, looking back on hospital life

Ayara [50], a comedy duo "Messenger", who had been resting for the treatment of interstitial pneumonia from May 12, appeared on his YouTube channel "Messenger Aihara Para Radio" on the 3rd and returned to work.

At the beginning, he said, "Thank you all, I am worried about you. It is Messenger Aihara. I am worried about returning home, and I received a lot of letters and received a voice from me."

In early May, he complained of poor health and was examined at a hospital in Osaka city, and was diagnosed with interstitial pneumonia. He was discharged on the 29th. He was tested twice for the new coronavirus, but none of them were negative. Aihara said, "I was hospitalized for 3 weeks, but it was still 2 weeks early."

In the broadcast on this day, “The actual story is not in good order. The disease itself is being cured well, but pneumonia has steroid treatment, and the amount is gradually decreasing, but it is still a considerable amount. Because I put it in my body, my resistance is not so strong."

It was said that the normal value was around 96 on the oximeter, but it was 86. After that, my oxygen level steadily dropped and I lost my memory due to anesthesia.

My breathing steadily went down, and I said, "It's finally bad. I'm ready for my wife. Please gather up my family." It was the most severely ill of the 20 or so patients who had ventilators at the ICU.

The official disease name is "hypersensitivity pneumonia". Looking back on my hospital life, I am grateful that it is no exaggeration to say that the life was saved by God. “From next week, I will do my best to make the program more interesting,” he said.

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