"Metal Gear" Hideo Kojima, VR Film Jury, Venice Film Festival

Hideo Kojima [56], known as a world-renowned game designer, is one of three judges in the VR [Virtual Reality] category at the Venice Film Festival [Italy], one of the three biggest film festivals in the world. Was selected. The festival office announced on the 26th.

Mr. Kojima joined Konami, a game maker in 1986 [Showa 61], and is high in movie-like games that he loved, such as "Metal Gear" released in 1987 and "Snatcher" in 1988. Received an evaluation. The PlayStation software "Metal Gear Solid," released in 1998, sold about 6.6 million copies worldwide, and in 2001, was selected by the Japanese magazine "10 people to open the future" as the only Japanese person. ..

Mr. Kojima left Konami in 15 years and established "Kojima Productions". The new "DEATH STRANDING" released as software for PlayStation 4 in November 2019 is a story that connects the next-generation communication infrastructure "Chiral Communication" across the continent of North America, and it has been widely acclaimed as "a movie" in each country ing.

The official website of the Venice Film Festival told Kojima, "The author of a video game known worldwide for pushing the boundaries of creativity in this field. Action videos based on the skills of players to prevent them from being discovered by their enemies. It is widely regarded as the game "Father of the stealth genre." "Death Stranding" has earned a high reputation internationally."

Looking back at the 77th festival this year, the festival will be held from September 2 to 12. Australia's actress Cate Blanchett [51] will chair the jury of the competition for the highest gold lion award.

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