METI, solar power Total・Feed-in-tariff considered the end of

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry of the current renewable energyFixed purchase systemTo end,the new system made as a[Kyodo News,Mainichi,The Yomiuri Shimbun,The Asahi Shimbun].

A feed-in tariff, the electricity supplier is the government decided the price of renewable energy power generation operators from the power to buy guarantee that was. However, this purchase price is high to set it, and that part of the cost to consumers”renewable energy levy”as a pass-through being. Renewable energy for the purchase of more for this renewable energy levies have increased this problem and been.

Under the new system, the power to trade in the market when the selling price is as a rule the variation form seems to be. Now, my market price is below the standard if the difference between the government compensation and the like.

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