METI, such as the courthouse in the city plastic bag reduction for the experiment

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 27 October, the Ministry and the Japan Patent Office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of foreign Affairs of the hall in the convenience store,plastic bags reduce towards the demonstration to tackle. Kajiyama, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, 24 October Cabinet meeting after the press conference revealed.

【Here】Plastic bag charge”accepted”8 divided beyond the “5 yen”is acceptable, but 4% is the most

In the experiment, the nudge called behavioral Economics approach to leverage. Consumers shopping before plastic bags about the wish to make a Declaration card, the ministries and the different ones available, and then analyzing the reaction. For example, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry is”on the shore garbage ashore photos”on the design, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”plastic bag regulation to introduce the country has more than 60 countries”and wrote design is employed.

Or plastic bags may or may not be needed with this Declaration, the Ministry of Finance is”unnecessary”, the other 3 Ministries is required””for cards divided into to experiment.

About 3 weeks of experiments were performed, and stores data that is gathered from the analysis. Before and after the installation of plastic bag use change of cards, and the difference by reducing the effect of differences such as without validation,results may have happened to it.

Or METI and the Japan Patent Office of a store, the 2 during the month of plastic bags charging ahead to implement the plan. The Central government of the courthouse in the preceding experiments, that the future efforts of the store reference that is intended.

Plastic bags the amount of 20 million tons per year, and it. 1 year out of waste plastic of about 2%, but the charge by waste plastic consumer awareness of the change awareness effect is also expected. The government is the containers and packaging recycling law Ministerial Ordinance revision in 2020, and 7 months from all of the retail stores in plastic bags of charge that obliges the policy.

Distribution industry, super of ions of plastic bags distributed free to stop biomass・plastic bags for a fee[Small-3 circles, large 5 yen] distribution. Is 2015 the year of the Kyoto Ordinance revision the city all the stores in charge to take off, then other areas are also expanding.

The number of stores, many rival stores are close to each other, and in the case of convenience,the circumstances is super and a little different, Eleven by 2030 the total abolition of the policy, to be announced, such as the plastic bag charge to the movement of the spread. [Article: the clear・The article list to look at]

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