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Mexico Uber suspends about 240 accounts to prevent spread-Engadget

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The most emphasis on the spread of the new coronavirus in Wuhan, China, is to "identify who may have been infected."

In one such response, ride-sharing company Uber has issued a statement that has temporarily suspended accounts for approximately 240 people in vehicles of two potentially infected drivers. According to a statement posted on the company's Mexican Twitter account, the suspended accounts used two driver vehicles carrying passengers infected with coronavirus. At the time of writing, no cases of virus infection have been identified in Mexico.

And the Mexico City's Ministry of Health has stated that it has been confirmed that the "infected passenger" in question had been transported from Los Angeles to Mexico based on information from US authorities. The ministry also added that none of the hotel staff or drivers involved with the passengers developed symptoms within 10 days of contact.

Uber's decision to respond quickly and provide information to the Ministry of Health may be appropriate in preventing the spread of the infection. On the other hand, it means that people at risk of infection can be easily identified, and even if they are not careless or dismissed, they may suffer the disadvantage of account suspension.

The effects of the new coronavirus are steadily spreading to other companies. In particular, Apple has announced that it will close all offices and stores in all mainland China until February 9, and its major supplier Foxconn may cause 'big' disruption to iPhone shipments if factory closures are prolonged There isRumored to be.

Uber's response isHas dislike for AsiansUnlike the unreasonable response, "it is a reasonable measure based on the legitimate grounds of" suspicious driver's ride history on the vehicle. " Anyway, in the case of the spread of infection where no effective remedy or vaccine has been found as in this case, it seems better to use the services used by the unspecified majority carefully.

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