Micro drone, verification progress to social implementation = Building Research Institute, Japan Building Drone Association, etc.

International drone exhibition held from November 24th to 26th. A long line was formed at the entrance of the seminar venue for "Trends in Building Inspection Surveys and Social Implementation" by Vice Chairman Hiroyuki Miyauchi of the Japan Building Drone Association, seeking seats for the day. The reservation is full, and you can see the high level of interest.

Although the application of drones in the construction field was behind that of agriculture and civil engineering, efforts to verify and implement drones for exterior wall and roof inspections assuming high-rise condominiums and houses have begun to progress.

What is attracting a lot of attention now is the inspection of narrow places and dark places by micro drones. A small drone inspects the interior of a building that is difficult or impossible for people to enter. It is expected that the narrow space inspection by drone has the effect of shortening the time compared to human beings.

On the other hand, issues have also become apparent. The Building Research Institute, the Japan Building Drone Association, etc., which aim to make it actually usable in the field, are conducting verification to solve the problem.

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