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Microsoft Edge outperforms Firefox in browser share. Is Chromium-based migration going up?-Engadget Japan


Edge's share of Microsoft's PC web browser Edge outpaced Mozilla's Firefox in its latest statistics. Although the composition of Google's Chrome running alone in the top position remains unchanged, the battle for second place is fierce.Net Market Share Browser Division AggregationAccording to Google Chrome, which has the overwhelming lead of 68.5%, it remains the same. However, Microsoft Edge, which abandoned its own engine in the second place and became the same Chromium as Chrome, followed by 7.6%, and defeated Mozilla's Firefox, which ended up 7.2%.

Another reason Edge suddenly came back to lifeAdoption of Chromium's Blink engineShould be working very much. Another big advantage is that it is the standard Windows browser.

Looking at the change in market share over the past year, Firefox was 9.27% ​​just one year ago in March 2019. However, from there it followed a gradual downward line, while Edge, which had even lost to Internet Explorer, had a share of about 5%, but when switching to the Blink engine, lean back and pull out Firefox I have reached.

Switching to the Blink engine in a timely manner is likely to have given other browser users, especially Internet Explorer users, the opportunity to try the Edge browser. The fact that the Chrome extension can be used as it is, and the taste of using the "good thing" of Chrome while using it as a standard browser for corporate users has emerged. There may have been some influx from Firefox users as well (In Japan, automatic update to Edge browser with Blink engine is postponed until Windows Update in April 2020 due to circumstances).

As of March 2020, the Edge is just slightly higher than Firefox, and it's still an acorn. If Edge isn't familiar with new users, or if it's behaving inferiorly to Chrome or Firefox, it's not impossible to return to the original numbers.

Perhaps Google is laughing at the benefits of the Windows 10 standard browser, which runs around 1 billion worldwide, and the rising share of the Edge browser, which has lost its flaws in its proprietary engine. If the current trend continues, it is worrisome that future website / web application creators will stop multi-browser support as soon as “ If the browser is already displayed properly in Chrome (Chromium), it is good then '' . Then Google ’s power in the Internet will be even stronger.

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