Microsoft integrates Windows and hardware teams, led by Panay CPO

At Microsoft, it's normal for some departments to reorganize in the first few months of the year. In 2020, the Experiences and Device division appears to be undergoing a major restructuring under Rajesh Jha, Executive Vice President.


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The biggest and most dramatic change, apparently announced internally on February 5, is the reorganization of the Windows Experience [client] team and the hardware team. The two teams will be merged into a single team, Windows and Devices, and will report to Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer. The reorganization will take place on February 25.

BelJoe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, who currently leads the Windows Experience business team under Jha, will be relocated to the Office department. Belfiore and Ales Holecek lead the Office Experience Group [OXO] team as product and engineering teams. Belfiore will continue toEssential Products Inclusive Community [EPIC] GroupContinue the duties of the person in charge. EPIC's portfolio includes mobile apps for Android and iOS, and Microsoft News.

組織 The reorganization announced on this dayCore OS and Intelligent Edge [COSINE] TeamHas no effect. The team will continue to belong to Azure Engineering, led by Executive Vice President Jason Zander. It also appears that Jha's Experiences and Devices division's strategic priorities have not changed.

In recent years, Microsoft has been designing Windows, Office, and Surface in one piece so that new Surface products can fully utilize Windows functions and Office apps and services. So, in a way, Panay's new role may be a formal formalization of this practice.

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