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Microsoft plans to launch security software Defender ATP for Android and iOS-Engadget

Microsoft Defender ATP
Microsoft announced on February 20 [local time] that it will provide its enterprise endpoint security service, Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection [ATP], for Android and iOS.

In Android and iOS, each store has its own anti-malware measures, and its security is increasing, but it is still in a state where malware is entering into apps other than store distribution and apps in the store, etc. . "Android and iOS are fairly secure, but fairly secure and secure are not the same," said Microsoft vice president Rob Lefferts.

According to Lefferts, the Defender software on Android and iOS is about security, not administration, and is designed to prevent connections to sites that Microsoft considers insecure. This could help companies prevent phishing attacks on their employees.

Defender was originally a standard feature of Windows 10, but in 2019 it released extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Later, it was made available on the Mac. At this time, there was a history of changing what was previously called Windows Defender to Microsoft Defender. Announcement of support for Linux is also being made more and more multi-platform.

We don't know when it will be available for Android and iOS, but it is likely to be a popular multi-platform integrated security measure.


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