“Microsoft Teams'' video conference plans to expand simultaneous display from 9 people to 49 people-similar to Zoom

It is reported that Microsoft has revealed that it is trying to support video display of up to 49 participants as with Zoom with the video calling service "Microsoft Teams". Zoom is doing well this weekFirst quarter financial report..

Microsoft Teams

By: Microsoft

The company is working to take advantage of the growth opportunities of Microsoft Teams, while working from home becomes commonplace due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus. In May, we increased the maximum number of people who can see participants in a Teams video conference at the same time, from four to nine.

The Wall Street JournalMicrosoft has confirmed that it plans to increase the number of participants on the screen at one time to 49, similar to the current Zoom. In addition, the companyCRNMicrosoft Teams' roadmap includes expanding the number of people visible during a video call to 49.

However, Microsoft did not disclose this plan in the roadmap of "Office 365", and did not disclose when the expansion of this function will be deployed. ZDNet has asked Microsoft to explain when this feature will be available.

In May, an engineer at Microsoft Teams said in a Teams user forum that he is aware that the current 3✕3 format [9 people] is a beginning and "not enough". "We're continuing to include more footage in our meetings, and we're trying to make it even more mobile-friendly, so we're still in the "partially complete" stage of development," he said.is doing..

The company is under pressure to expand the number of participants' video displays and meet the needs of users who think that the limit of 9 people is not practical.

Microsoft this weekExpose interoperability between Teams and Skypedid. Still, if nine Microsoft Teams-supported participants stay on the screen, Zoom could steal Office 365 customers.

 In the forum, multiple faculty members and instructors commented that 9 people are not enough to support remote class activities. Due to the limit of 9 people, some users are willing to use Zoom even if it becomes a burden to become a paid member.

Despite that, the number of active users of Microsoft Teams per day has grown significantly due to Corona. In March44 millionBut in April75 millionIncreased.

However, Zoom seems to grow even faster. ZoomThe number of conference participants per day exceeded 300 millionI am trying. As of December 2019, it was 10 million. To focus on resolving security issues in AprilPause development of new featuresHowever, as of March, just before that, the number was 200 million. That is an increase of 100 million people.

Microsoft is taking security and privacy measuresAppealing to Teams.. In a leaked video of an internal marketing conference, it was discovered that Zoom considered it a "new emerging threat" to the Microsoft Team. Looking at Zoom's growth, it's more than that, and it's likely that it will continue to be a convenient video calling app that you can use immediately after you finish working from home.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleIs edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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