Microsoft,by 2030 carbon negative aim

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Microsoft on the 16th by 2030, the company’s direct and indirect carbon dioxide emissions more than carbon dioxide to remove the”carbon negative”plan announced[Press release,The Official Microsoft Blog].

Microsoft in 2012 from the aim of striving. As a method for other companies, as well as carbon offsets to buy, but this alone is inadequate for thinking about policies to change this. Carbon negative for the realization,Microsoft has 3 of the outline cites.

First, by 2025 100%renewable energy transition by 2030, the whole world of the campus for use in vehicles, and fully electrified. Also, Silicon Valley campus and the Puget Sound campus modernization project environmental certification to be able to get. Thus, the company’s direct emissions Scope 1 emissions and,to buy the production of energy in the process emissions indirect Scope 2 emissions close to zero with.

Second, the scope 1・Scope 2 emissions for each business unit from an internal”carbon tax”levy, but the 7 month from the company’s supply chain and value chain emissions scope 3 emissions, also subject to to expand. Thus, by 2030 the scope 3 emissions reduced by at least half to plan.

Third, large carbon dioxide absorption・removal technology that enables the development of a 10 billion dollar investment for the Fund is provided, by 2030 carbon negative aim. Furthermore, by 2050 1975 and since its inception,direct and power consumption by the emissions for carbon dioxide to eliminate all the goal setting this morning.

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