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Microsoft's acquisition of TikTok is pending. U.S. president says "Tik Tok is strictly prohibited"-Engadget Japan

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<p>Wall Street journal and others have reported that Microsoft has suspended negotiations to acquire the popular video app TikTok from ByteDance. this is<a href=President Trump said he would ban TikTokIt is a movement corresponding to that.

Regarding TikTok, Chinese ByteDance has stated that it will not respond even if there is a request for data provision from the Chinese government (whether it is possible or not), and putting all the user information of the application etc. outside China Claims that there is nothing. However, the US government and legislators have become more distrustful of TikTok like other Chinese information devices, and have strengthened their response by banning the use of TikTok in public institutions and military relations.

As a recent trend, Reuters and others have reported that ByteDance has agreed to negotiate an app sale to Microsoft in order to avoid a ban on TikTok in the United States. Once the app is made by Microsoft, the user information of the app will be managed and protected by Microsoft, and the information leakage to China can be suppressed. It was also said that Microsoft may not operate the app itself, but may be managed by a third-party company.

However, on July 31, President Trump revealed his intention to ban TikTok to the end, and said that he would do anything with a presidential order for that, it seems that Microsoft's negotiation to acquire TikTok has been suspended.

If ByteDance says it's already completely out of touch with Chinese authorities, banning TikTok might not make much sense to the United States. Meanwhile, ByteDance loses the revenue generated by about 100 million American users. Also, popular contributors with TikTok will not be able to make money.

ByteDance and Microsoft were planning to complete the deal by August 3rd, according to the latest report, but the deal was suspended for the first time after President Trump's statement at Air Force One. It seems that the story has not completely disappeared, but it seems that he wants to first confirm the true meaning of the president's remarks and then think about what to do next.

It's not clear why the US government names TikTok among all the Chinese apps out there, and so hate it. However, the videos posted there include appearance information such as towns, buildings, the inside of the family, person registration information and faces. Whatever ByteDance says, it's not surprising that the US government should be vigilant in defending its own country and protecting its information, given the possibility that the Chinese authorities could obtain the data and freely analyze it.

On July 7, the FBI SecretaryWarned that Chinese spy activity was 13 times as active as it was 10 years ago.. In addition, the order to close the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, Texas also agrees to strengthen measures to prevent information leaks to China. The TikTok ban seems to be in the same direction as these responses.

source:Wall Street journal, The Information

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