Microsoft's new "Edge", the key difference from Google "Chrome"

In the early days of the Internet, Marc Andreessen said in 1995 that his company Netscape Communications, which had the power to drop flying birds, could quickly turn Windows into a “ gathering of poorly debugged device drivers. '' It is a famous story that I predicted.

な ん However, Netscape has finally disappeared, and Andreessen's bold claim has become a mere legend on the Internet. But, in a way, this prophecy has come true.

Netscape did not dominate the web browser market, surprisingly to the warriors of the first web browser war. Microsoft was not honored. Instead, 25 years later, Google's Chrome browser has become the de facto standard for publishing information on the Internet.

All of them tell the story of January 15, 2020. On this day, Microsoft officially replaced the rendering engine Trident [and its successor, unfortunate EdgeHTML], which has been around for decades, with an open-source project called Chromium.

The new Edge has been officially released with a new logo.

The new Edge has been officially released with a new logo.

Microsoft's decision to abandon its own browser engine and accept an open source engine managed by Google can also be considered a surrender. But this, for better or worse, is an example of how open standards have been accepted recently.

In the past, independent standards bodies like the W3C governed the web, and competing browsers had to adhere to those standards. The current "standard" is simple. "Can the page be displayed in Chrome?"

As a result, the first retail version of "new Edge" [which Microsoft calls this to distinguish it from earlier versions of the Edge browser that has been available as part of Windows 10 since 2015] is as completely as possible Google Chrome It resembled a browser.

If a Microsoft engineer works well, you can open any website with new Edge, whether it's a Mac or a PC with any version of Windows, and it will look exactly like it would in a Chrome browser right.

I've been using the beta version of new Edge for several months, previewing the official version in recent days. All that can be said is that the goal has been achieved. Not surprising, because the two browsers are based on the same mature code base. However, it is unusual for a software project to have the first official version at 79.

In fact, the development process for new Edge was so good that I tried to write this article and realized that most of the things users need to know about new Edge have already been written in previous beta articles. About.

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