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Microsoft's next generation machine Xbox Series X announced information summary

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Official name “ Xbox Series X ''

From the former development name Project Scarlett to the official name Xbox Series X. Similar to the current Xbox One X, but both are high-end model premium products.

The current Xbox One X is the upper version with the normal version of Xbox One underneath, but since the lower grade will appear in the same generation as Xbox Series X, it will be the highest in all Xbox families Whether it is “high end” is unknown.

Rumor has it that Microsoft has been developing several next-generation Xboxes, including inexpensive products specifically for Cloud Gaming Project xCloud, but nothing has been said about this Series X announcement.

Microsoft's gaming department manager Phil Spencer, in an interview with GameSpot in the US, after avoiding an answer as to whether another model Xbox other than Series X is under development, about the naming “ series 00 '' to the last, He says he has the flexibility to introduce different models with different X parts if needed.

Xbox Series X

・ Width is about Xbox controller, height is about 2.5 times the width.
-Cooling is one large fan that exhausts air from the top when placed vertically.
・ Fan's sound is less than or equal to Xbox One X (known for its relatively quiet sound)
・ Equipped with optical drive slot
・ Vertical / horizontal support
・ Spencer says that the simple prismatic shape is determined not by its appearance but by its function and performance.
・ Designed to blend into an inconspicuous environment and increase immersion in the game itself

Hardware and software specifications

-AMD Zen 2 architecture CPU is 4 times faster than Xbox One X
・ Navi-based GPU is twice as fast as Xbox One X and 8 times faster than MUJI Xbox One
-Supports 4K 60fps drawing. Also supports up to 8K resolution, up to 120Hz refresh rate, variable refresh rate.
-Compatible with Variable Rate Shading. GPU level support for optimizing shading accuracy due to the visual importance of the drawing area
・ NVMe connection SSD, GDDR6 memory adoption. Both quantities are undisclosed
-New multi-resume support by adopting high-speed SSD that works as virtual RAM. The current Xbox One can be resumed from the point where it was interrupted if it was played immediately before, but with Series X, even when switching between multiple games, it is unnecessary to start up and load save data etc. .
・ Dynamic Latency Input. A technology that enables low-latency and high-speed response by synchronizing the rendering path of the game and the input (timing) from the controller.

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Supported titles

・ The series X titles that have been announced so far are Halo Infinite and Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, which was first shown at The Game Awards.
-The Hellblade 2 trailer is not a pre-render, but a real-time rendered image as a series X capability demo
・ For the first party work, 15 studios under the umbrella of Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios are developing “the most diverse lineup in Xbox history”


-According to Microsoft, four generations and thousands of title games run from the original Xbox. (However, in the current Xbox One generation, support for each title is based on software emulation of the previous generation, and not all titles will work if there is a disc. Especially the first Xbox games are not supported.)
・ Accessories such as controllers are compatible with Xbox One. The elite controller for Xbox One / Windows can be used with Series X, and the new Xbox controller can be used with Xbox One.

New Xbox controller

・ The new controller is not dedicated to Series X, and can be used on Windows 10, Xbox One, and other devices. The successor model of the current "Xbox Wireless Controller" (not "Xbox One") that is already treated as a general-purpose controller.
・ Slightly smaller, new share button established.
-Hybrid design that inherits the Xbox Elite Controller for the D pad (direction key)


·unpublished. High-end positioning as a product.
Phil Spencer takes the lesson as a painful lesson that Xbox One was released with a performance that is 10,000 yen higher than PS4 and inferior, and the best performance and if this is appropriate for consumers He says he will balance the price he considers.

Release date

・ End of 2020

Further details are expected to be announced at E3 in June 2020. The release date and price in the United States are not yet known, but we want to pray for the simultaneous release like the Xbox One X, not the fall of the following year, but the United States ahead of the United States like the Xbox One.

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