Milky collaboration with bulldog sauce! What kind of taste does "milky white sauce" have ?!

"Milky is mama's horse mackerel ~ ♪", yes, milky is mama's taste. Fujiya's signature product, widely known as candy. But! I [Sato] have found it !! A surprising, no way surprising collaboration product!

It is a collaboration product with bulldog sauce. A seasoning maker familiar with the illustration of that dog with a strict face,Milky sauce came out of the Bulldog sauce!I didn't know, I didn't know at all! Did you know? I didn't know. What is milky sauce? Because I can't help but worry, I got it at a second speed and ate it with a horse mackerel!

・ Various collaboration products

Milky has collaborated with various manufacturers so far.Spread spread on bread in combination with "Snow Brand Megmilk"OrSprinkle with NichifuriOr become.Incense sticks with "Kameyama"It even became.

No matter how you work with it, you won't be surprised. I thought so, but I didn't think it would be a sauce together with Bulldog.What's this!

The official name of the product is Milky White Sauce. It has been on sale since February 2020, and the purchase price was 278 yen including tax. I think it's white because it says white sauce. However, since it is a Bulldog brand, it is unavoidable to imagine that dark brown color of "Chukino." On the bottle is a picture of Peco and his dog happily playing.How did you meet them? I don't think there are any contacts, but …..

"Amanipai" "Tomato and fried shrimp!"Although it says, the image of the taste is not clear at all. Maybe it's different from normal sauce. I know that, but it's sour and sour, what kind of sauce is it on the fried shrimp I wanted to try fried shrimp for the time being, but there was no fried shrimp at the supermarket I was visiting, so I had no choice but to buy a horse mackerel and croquette and went home.

・ Rather than a source ……

When I put the sauce on a small plate, the color was white. It looks like dressing, not the white sauce used for doria or lasagna.

I sprinkled the fried croquette with sauce without taste. An unfamiliar view spreads out on the plate. It's as if I had condensed milk over the sauce. But this is the source.

To be honest, it doesn't look very good. Did the fried shrimp look more delicious? I can't confirm that right now.

When you actually try it, the dressing has less acidity than a sauce. Or a feeling like a syrup with a mild sweetness. It has little sourness and has a soft sweetness. I don't feel that it goes well with Aji-Fly, even if it's not good enough with croquette. this is,Maybe it should be mixed with toast, yogurt and fruit. Or maybe even shaved ice in the summer..

I put it in the seasoning corner because it's a bulldog sauce companion, but I think the bread corner should have been better. If there is a line of jams and a pop like "Toast!", Pick it up. However, the milky feel a little strange in the sauce corner. In any case, it is a product that takes advantage of the gentle sweetness of milky.

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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