Mille Miglia goods can be bought to support Italy! │To a charity that saves medical practice

Mille Miglia's team, 1000 Miglia, has created a new 2020 logo with the hope of helping everyone fighting Coronavirus.

The company also unveiled clothing designed by Luca Roda, the designer of the logo, and donated the proceeds to donations. This is part of the project to help the city of Brescia, AiutiAMObrescia, with donations to support medical workers and community groups.

The event was conducted with the belief that recruiting charities at 1000 Miglia, which is supported by enthusiasts around the world, would have a great effect. They all have a strong desire to work together and work together to overcome this tough situation.

In addition to the parka made for this project, some of the official goods of the 2020 version will also be donated. It seems that those purchased by May 31 will be supported. PurchaseHereThan

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