Millions of Audiences Watch TGC Broadcasts-Lonesome Performers

The largest fashion event in Japan, "30th Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection [TGC] 2020 SPRING / SUMMER" was held on February 29 at Yoyogi No. 1 Gymnasium in Tokyo. The event is scheduled to mobilize a total of 30,000 people, and will be held in 2005, the first time in the history of the event, since the new coronavirus has spread. We have taken extraordinary measures such as strengthening SNS such as online distribution and reorganizing the contents in a short period of time.

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On the runway, which is usually buried with 30,000 cheers, only the BGM and camera shutter sound resonated on the day. A fashion show with an unusual audience. The 84 models and 41 guest performers appealed to fans on the other side of the distribution app "LINE @ LIVE". Karina [36] says, "I'm lonely. Ayami Nakajo [23] also said, "I was looking forward to finding the board [where my name was written]."

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, announcing the event at noon on the 26th, about an hour before the government's request to cancel the cultural event, was announced. According to Chief Producer Yukiko Ikeda of the Executive Committee, many inquiries were heard before the announcement, including voices requesting postponement. "The event has been supported for 15 years since it was supported by safety and security. If there weren't any, I've decided to be an audience this time. "

He said that he had the option to cancel the event, but he had been preparing for the event, saying, "Do not stop economic activities" [Mr. Ikeda] for about two and a half days. A washroom outside the entrance and a disinfectant solution inside the venue. We also responded to postings to performers by limiting them to individually wrapped items.

In addition, the contents of the event have been restructured to be conscious of live distribution. We will prepare a corner for distribution and post a ticket image on SNS to ticket holders and make a live phone call from the model we wanted to see. Goods that were scheduled to be distributed to visitors will be presented in the future.

Some performers withdrew from BLACKPINK and Mayuko Kawakita [28], but 250,000 to 300,000 people watched the distribution at all times. TGC's president, “W @ TOKYO” President Noriyoshi Murakami said on the stage after the end of the broadcast, “It was good that we were able to show millions of people in this situation. If you are greeted inside, "he said.

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