Minami Hamabe's ideal date, Takumi Kitamura bitter smile

Minami Hamabe [20] Takumi Kitamura [22] Riko Fukumoto [19] Eiji Akabusa [26] at the Tokyo Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills on the 14th, in the movie "Thoughts, Thoughts, Pretends, Fure" [Director Takahiro Miki] Attended the stage greeting on the first day.

A story about the love of four high school students. When I was asked about my ideal date, the beach said, "I long for summer festivals and fireworks displays. It's embarrassing to meet an acquaintance at a local festival, so I buy a mask and walk hand in hand so that I won't be caught…" "Is it a cartoon tic?", Kitamura said with a wry smile, "The power of delusions is getting stronger each year."

Hamabe, who saw a video connecting photos taken from fans, said, "I didn't have a picture of junior high school. I thought it would be nice to take it like this. It was a video."

The stage greeting was broadcast live at 111 theaters nationwide.

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