Minami Minegishi Talks with Sashihara on “Fire” at Official YouTube

AKB48 Minegishi Minami [27] has updated the official YouTube channel on the 6th, with Rinno Sashihara [27] as a guest.

The two are seniors of the first and fifth graduates of AKB48, but in the same grade, Minegishi is close enough to introduce that "Sashimi is a lucky person of my life, and ranked third in the ranking that was good to meet!" Two people. Sashihara also talked about Minegishi: "Because I don't have any friends during my school days, Yukirin [Yuki Kashiwagi] is like that, but I thought friends were like this."

In the video, we talked about the story of the AKB era, variety programs and each character, about Minegishi after graduation, etc. He mentioned that Minegishi "fires up" on SNS and so on, and when Minegishi fell, he also consulted Sashihara, and Minegishi thanked him for being able to tweet well and to be able to tweet. Sashihara recalled, "If you talk, you can understand each other."

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