Minami Tanaka: Looking back on this year's “actress first year”: Impact with an appealing thief: Bad woman…

快 The free announcer Minami Tanaka has been on the move. The first photo book “Sincerely yours…” [Takarajimasha] was reprinted on the 3rd, and exceeded 300,000 copies. Instagram launched following the release of the book has continued to gain momentum with over 1.4 million followers. Speaking of Mr. Tanaka, he has been attracting attention as a “flirt character” such as proclaiming “everybody's real fruit”, but after turning free, it is stoic to beauty, such as featured in women's fashion magazines and beauty magazines Attitudes are also supported, and women gain popularity. The evaluation has changed completely. This year, Tanaka also played an active role as an actress, challenging the love scene with her body and becoming an "sexy woman thief" this year. I looked back on Tanaka's “first year of actress”.

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