Minamitorishima seabed for fish is the origin of ultra-high concentration of Rees in the mud might exist.

Minamitorishima surrounding water depth of 6000 meters beneath the sea,Earths rich”level of the mud”of the and, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and technology and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and technology, such as unmanned submarines were used to conduct research to policy [seeNikkei]. These ultra-high concentration of Rees in the mud is the earths gather the characteristics of the fish bone contains a large number of known, but this level of mud is of the Earth cooling by having been born a recent study found that only[The University of Tokyo graduate school of the release,The Asahi Shimbun].

The University of Tokyo graduate school of the research group,the decision method, using the level of the mud, approximately 3,450 million years ago generated this specific. And according to the announcement, this period of global cooling began, the ocean General circulation has made. As a result, seamounts in the sea around a large amount of nutrient salt from around the fish sharply increased as that. In addition, as well as the terrain and conditions with a seamount if you study the very high concentration of Rees in the mud you find is likely.

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