Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport budget for FY2020 increased by 14% to 6,700 billion yen, Housing Bureau budget increased by 2%

According to the budget for FY2020, which was approved by the government on December 20, the budget related to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism was 14 trillion yen, up 14% from the previous year.

Aiming at disaster prevention and mitigation, and realizing a safe and secure society, taking into account the intensifying and frequent natural disasters.

In addition to promoting community development and promotion of the Compact Plus Network, efforts will be made to create an attractive living environment.

We will continue to provide assistance to groups in which local contractors working on ZEH for the first time cooperate. The basic subsidy is unchanged from the previous year, but will be up to 1.9 million yen.

The Housing Bureau-related budget increased by about 2% from the previous year to ¥ 154,354 million. The first priority of the priority measures is to ensure the safety of housing and living. Next, "Measures for aging condominiums and vacant houses and revitalization of existing housing distribution," "Securing dwelling homes and realizing a symbiotic society," "Improving the quality of housing and buildings and the productivity of the housing industry that supports it," Acceleration of growth power ".

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