Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's Central Construction Council approves amendments to contractual contract clauses, reviews transfer restrictions and liability period

The Central Construction Council of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism held a general meeting on March 13 and reported on the contents of discussions five times in the Working Group (WG) for Revision of the Standard Contract Contract Contract Contracting Contractor Construction Work Project established in connection with the revision of the Civil Code. Received and approved this.

The contents of the private contract contract agreement (A and B) and the subcontract contract amendment compiled by the WG are mainly to allow selection of contents that recognize "transfer restriction special agreement", and to raise funds necessary for contracted construction In such cases, the transfer can be carried out, and the so-called "defect" must be reconsidered by the ordering party for a period of time.

Since the approval of the council has been obtained, the covenant will be prepared in the future and will be recommended to the construction industry.

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