Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism discusses changes in lifestyles

Analyzing changes in the environment surrounding the country and examining the “ Long-term view of the country '' that shows long-term issues and solutions Hiroya Masuda is a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo.

While taking into account the changes in the situation from the previous interim report in 2011, discussions such as “responding to the increase in foreigners”, “lifestyle changes”, and “risk of natural disasters” were held.

In the future, “Progress of technological innovation such as AI / IoT and autonomous driving” and “Depopulation / declining birthrate and aging” will be discussed. At the meeting held on December 5, the “ population derived from foreign countries '' who have parents of nationality or live in Japan due to employment or naturalization etc. is currently only 2.6%, but in 2065 it is 12%・ Increased to 2%, showing that it will be closer to the current European countries.

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